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Location: Taipei City. 10-minute walk from MRT ZhongShan Station, Exit 4 or 5, Red (2) / Green (3) Line.

For clients’ privacy, detailed location information will be provided upon appointment making.

E-mail: lc1125hope@gmail.com

Line ID: soul.train

Phone: 0988-308829

Int’l: (+886)988-308829

Please read the following information before your first contact. Thank you.

To ensure the best quality of services, and to enforce the appropriate therapeutic boundary, here are some guidelines for your expectation:

  1. Calls are answered by appointment only. The best way to reach Lillian is via e-mail, Line message, or the contact form below. 
  2. Immediately seek help from your nearest emergency resources for emergency help, instead of waiting for Lillian.
  3. Lillian personally responds to all inquiries. Therefore the responses may not be timely.
  4. It typically takes a week or more to arrange your first appointment. The process is designed to maximize the efficiency and efficacy of the future helping work, customized for and provided to you. If you are in need of urgent help, or feeling too impatient to wait, please seek help from faster providers.
  5. Lillian can only communicate with the prospective client, not with any agent, messenger, or concerned person. When you reach out, you are the one seeking services for yourself not for someone else. The only exception is when the prospective client is a minor so that the legal guardian may communicate on the minor’s behalf.
  6. Lillian’s contact information provided is not to be used for random counseling but mainly for administrative discussion and/or other mutually agreed purposes.
  7. Lillian will not actively disclose your privacy with your identifying information, unless such disclosure is permitted by you, mandated by law, in protection of you or someone else, or within the context of professional consultation. Most crimes are not legally mandated for report. If in doubt, feel free to clarify first such as in hypothetical terms.
  8. It is common sense that there is no absolute privacy in any setting despite Lillian tries her best to protect yours. Electronic communication carries certain risks to your privacy. When you communicate electronically, you understand and accept the risks involved. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding!