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Counseling / Psychotherapy

Individual counseling, couples/marital counseling, and family therapy are some of the models which Lillian provides. Please refer to the “expertise” page for a list of her practice area. With her multicultural competency and trilingual ability, she often finds herself especially useful in cross-cultural relationship issues. In addition to general areas of counseling, she is one of the rare experts in Asia in the subjects of narcissistic abuse and CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder ). Learn about her background and expertise under the “THERAPIST” category. Long distance counseling is available as the last resort for compatible clients. Click here for contact information.

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Coaching – Executive, Relationship, Life

Lillian provides executive coaching, relationship coaching, and life coaching. Despite coaches come from various walks of life, having a mental health professional as your coach is considered safer and more holistic. Click here to learn why. Compared to counseling, coaching is a more directive, behavioral, goal-oriented, short-term approach in helping clients reach specific goals. It works well and effectively for clients who do not have significant “emotional blockage.” For clients who may not easily act on directive advice and plans, “transformation work” may be a more helpful option. Click here for contact information.



Lillian provides clinical hypnotherapy to help clients better themselves. It is a collaborative process, aiming to reach your goal. It is typically short-term and goal-oriented. She also emphasizes on establishing your independent ability in sustaining the benefit. No matter which type of service you receive, she will never perform hypnosis without your informed consent. 

She is selective with her clients, to ensure the best quality of care. Although hypnotherapy is safe and is for almost everyone, it is not always the best option at any time. Lillian strongly believes in ethical practices, which means she does not provide any service simply on demand. She will need to start with a thorough, clinical understanding of you before she can decide what to do. In some cases, she might advise against the use of hypnosis. She wants the best for you, holistically and long term. Contact Lillian.


Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

There are many modalities in hypnotherapy. Dr. Milton Erickson has been regarded as the best hypnotherapists, who was also a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. (Read this book: My Voice Will Go with You: The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson.) Lillian has been trained and certified by the Milton Erickson Foundation. As Ericksonian hypnotherapy is extremely creative and go-with-the-flow for amazing outcomes, it works best without the traditional, rigid time structures. Due to the semi-open structure, the session rates do not apply to this service. Contact and discuss with Lillian.


Past Life Regression Therapy

Through hypnosis techniques, Lillian takes you onto the exploration of your past lives. She has attended the renowned past life regression therapist and psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss‘ seminar, and greatly appreciates his work. (You are encouraged to read his many best-selling books, such as Many Lives, Many Masters.) However, she does not impose any ideology, or the presumption of the existence of past lives, but rather assisting you to take charge of your own journey in a scientific manner. You may or may not discover your past lives, and it will be the result of your unbiased, full autonomy. To maximize your well-being, she emphasizes the pre-screening and after-care process, instead of commercially selling this service on demand.  Fill out this form if you are seeking past life regression therapy.

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Support Groups

Support groups of various themes are available at different times. Please visit this page periodically to find out if there is a group available. Or, you may request to be added to a waiting list for a future group or future opening. If you would like Lillian to facilitate a group which you have organized, feel free to contact her. 

A few themes are more frequently available:  1) Narcissistic Abuse Victim Support Group, 2) Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) Support Group, and 3) Infertility Support Group for Women. Due to the population distribution, Mandarin-speaking groups are more likely to be available, but English-speaking groups may be facilitated upon request. 

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Other Services

As Lillian wears many hats with many abilities, she may, upon requests, provide consultation to mental health professionals, human resources assistance, book clubs, lecture, presentation, translation, and more. Lillian is the translator of California psychotherapist Pete Walker’s incredible book Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving: A GUIDE AND MAP FOR RECOVERING FROM CHILDHOOD TRAUMA. She is also the first person systematically writing and publishing articles of narcissistic abuse education in the Chinese-speaking region of Asia. Lillian may be able to help expats navigate the local system and culture as needed. Contact Lillian to find out if she can help.

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