Home Fees
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Single Session Rates:

  • NT$3500 / 50 minutes
  • NT$4700 / 80 minutes
  • NT$5900 / 110 minutes
  • (NT$100 is added to each PayPal payment.)

Choosing the “just-enough” length of session brings much better results. The recommended session, typically, is 50 minutes for individuals, and 80 minutes for couples.

Due to the extensive intake and assessment process, your first session is 80 minutes (individual session) or 110 minutes (couples session) by default.

Session rates are not applicable to the following services:

  • Ericksonian hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy/coaching in a program structure
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Support groups

This is not a complete list. 

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Additional Notes:

  • No-show deposit: NT$1000. The deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your working relationship with Lillian so long as you do not have a history of no show, . (A different structure applies to long distance services.)
  • Odd hour fees: While Lillian tries to accommodate each client’s schedule, there is an additional fee to appointments outside of her client hours, which are Mon. – Fri. noon – 21:00 on Taiwan’s business days. You will not be charged for the odd hour fee if the odd hour is suggested by her.
  • Currency: Only New Taiwan Dollars (NT$) is accepted.
  • All payments are due upon service and not refundable, unless otherwise specified in your payment agreement.
  • Insurance is not accepted.
  • Methods of payments: a) cash,  b) domestic bank transfer in Taiwan, and c) PayPal. B and C are available only for long distance services; and C is available only to overseas clients.