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It is probably due to at least one of the following reasons:

  • She is occupied.
  • She has no access to her e-mail and messages.
  • It is not her work hours.
  • You might have sent it to the wrong address/account.
  • Your e-mail or message contained no/poor substance so that it was treated as spam.

As long as you had sent it to the correct address/account, and it contained reasonable substance, Lillian will reply as soon as possible. Lillian does not use a receptionist. She believes in directly communicating with clients and prospective clients in order to provide the best quality of care. That approach, however, brings some limitations, including the possible delay in response. Thank you for your patience and understanding

As a side note, there has been an increase in the abuse of Lillian’s personable approach. Therefore we are continuously adapting to the situation. In case it worsens further, Lillian will consider stopping this approach and using representatives instead.

Lillian answers phone calls and internet calls by appointment only. There are many reasons to it. First of all, Lillian does not use a receptionist. She believes in directly communicating with clients and perspective clients, in order to provide you the best quality of care. Therefore, she is unavailable to answer calls when she is with clients or engaged in other types of work.

Secondly, she does not answer random calls due to professional concerns, such as protecting clients’ privacy, the appropriateness of the environment, etc.

Lastly, she may be taking personal time and not working. She does need to take care of herself in order to take care of her clients. Her work hours are Mon. – Fri. 10:00 – 21:00 on Taiwan’s business days, and her client hours start at 11:00.

The best way to contact Lillian is via e-mail, Line text message, or the contact form on the Contact web page. If none of them is an option for you, please feel free to call and leave a voicemail, specifying your typical availability to talk over the phone. Lillian will try to return your call at you usually available time. If her availability and yours do not match, however, she may have to call you at a time which you did not specify.



Lillian’s regular work hours are Mon. – Fri. 10:00 – 21:00 on Taiwan’s business days. Her client hours start at 11:00. However, she may accept appointments outside of her regular hours, when odd hour fees may apply.

In addition, she is a university lecturer. During school terms, her Mondays are mostly occupied by school work.

In order to protect clients’ privacy, the address will be provided when you schedule an appointment. For reference, the office location is in Taipei City, near Ningxia Night Market, approximately 10-minute walk from Exit 4 or 5 of Zhongshan MRT Station.

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer in the helping work of psychology, because there are too many influencing variables, such as your motivation, your commitment, your openness, your cooperation, the disclosure of influencing information, the expectation and reasonableness of the goal, the complexity and depth of an issue, etc. The list goes on. Therefore, no helping professionals of psychology may provide you a due date, although a professional can make an educated, generic guess, which is unlikely to apply to your unique and specific situation.

Although Lillian offers long distance services, she strongly advises all prospective clients to meet in person when possible. The reason is, in-person meetings contains invaluable benefits which long distance services can not provide. In-person meetings are usually more effective and more powerful than long distance services. However, if in-person meetings are not possible for you, Lillian will discuss with you how to maximize the effectiveness of long distance services.

There can be more than one possibility. Generally speaking, Lillian does not provide “services by demand,” because she wants the best and safest for you, in short term and in long term. She has to make her independent professional assessment in order to come up with a plan collaboratively with you. If she does not believe that your requested service, self-diagnosis, or self-treatment-plan is safe or appropriate for you, she will not agree to it. She is a firm believer of “do no harm,” even when it means to disagree with a perspective client.

Yes. Marriage and Family Therapy is one of Lillian’s specialties. 

Not currently, unfortunately. Although Lillian is trained and experienced in helping children, her current office setting is not adequate to accommodate children under the age of 13. She is planning to change her office location. Hopefully the new office will be able to welcome the kiddos! 

Yes, as long as you two speak any of the three languages: English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese. Lillian will be able to work with you in a simultaneously multilingual manner, and also help you two bridge your language barrier and your potential culture gap.

Lillian is a keen advocate for LGBTQI+ individuals. She supports gender diversity and equality. She also has experiences in helping LGBTQI+ clients.

Unfortunately, the current office location is not completely accessible. There is a flight of stairs, and the door of the counseling room may not be wide enough for wheelchairs. If you are able to walk a flight of stairs, this location is probably accessible for you. We are looking for a new office location which is hopefully accessible for all.

Certainly. Lillian is here to help you, and encourages you to be true to yourself. She wants you to let go of political correctness. You may be surprised that she can even agree with your points.

Fees & Payments

Unfortunately, no at this point. If you are a long distance client and unable to make cash transfers, Lillian will discuss with you about alternative options.

No, we do not take insurance. Please note, your insurance company is very unlikely to reimburse you.

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